Family Worship
Sunday 8:45-9:45

Family Worship is a multi-generational time of worship where people of all ages – adults, youth, and children – learn to worship side by side. We believe that God shapes our identity as the community of faith as we worship together. Nursery and preschool care is available during this service.

“multi-generational time of worship”

When you come to this service you will experience a blend of traditional and current music, Bible application and inspiring challenge.

During Family Worship we remember how God deonstrated His love for us by giving His Son, Jesus, to die in our place so that we can receive forgiveness for our sin and eternal life through Him.

where Grace and Truth intersect
Sunday 11:00-12:00

Crosspoint is a place for people to get to know God without any judgments or strings attached; a place to discover what God means to you and your family. The format is very informal, with music and message that are contemporary and thought provoking. It is a place where Grace and Truth intersect.

“contemporary music and
thought provoking conversation”

During Crosspoint children are invited to be part of the “4 Kids” program. This is a time for them to explore God through music, drama, crafts and stories.




“A Christian should use these arts to the glory of God, not just as
tracts, mind you, but as things of beauty to the praise of God.”

-Francis A. Schaeffer, Art & the Bible


To create a worshipful environment where we can experience the majesty and glory of God.

Each one of us was created to worship God. One of the many ways we worship God at Upland Brethren In Christ is through the arts. Whether it is through music, visual art, running sound, or displaying lyrics, it is all done to bring glory to God for who He is and the amazing grace that He has shown us.

We currently have a praise band and vocal team, multi-generational choir, organ music, orchestra, bell choir, and children’s choir through the 4 Kids program.

To find out how you can participate, contact Jimmy Dunn, at